Contract Hire, Operating Leasing & Short-Term Hire
Not currently in a position to buy? Whatever your budget, Kärcher offers a range of flexible leasing and hire options to suit your business's requirements.

Contract Hire & Operating Leasing

Widely seen as a popular way to operate professional cleaning equipment, end-users pay a fixed monthly rental which includes maintenance and servicing to enjoy a unique combination of features and benefits. Contract Hire and Operating Leases are generally used by businesses that want to...Fix their cleaning equipment costs for up to 7 yearsOffset 100% of rentals against taxable profitsTake advantage of off balance sheet fundingImprove liquidityEnjoy usage benefits without ownership risksUse their cash in core areas of the businessCreate increased efficiencies from cleaning costs
With Contract Hire or Operating Leases you have...No need to budget for unexpected maintenance costsNo need to tie up cash in depreciating assetsNo need to pay big deposits or VAT on deliveryNo need to constantly negotiate servicing costsNo need to constantly borrow funds on a bank overdraft facility
Short-Term Hire

As an alternative to longer-term leasing options, a number of Kärcher partners offer various short-term hire options with minimum commitment and maximum flexibility for your business.

With short-term hire you haveFlexible machine and maintenance costsNo long term commitmentsNo depreciating assets on your booksProducts available on demand or at short noticeHigher utilisation and flexibility of your cleaning equipmentFinance Services

We can also offer finance terms through K√§rcher if required. Subject to status, terms and conditions. Please call for further information  (0114) 2610667.