AMBERSIL Water and Solvent Based Cleaning products suitable for many industries including Aerospace, Industrial and General engineering. These are high performing, reliable products that are also very cost effective. We also offer Ambersil  Food grade lubricants and cleaners.
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  • AMBERCLENS Anti-Static foaming cleaner
    A multipurpose, 400ml anti-static foaming cleaner, Ideal for general cleaning on a wide variety of electronic, industrial, aerospace and commercial equipment.
  • AMBERCLENS TRIGGER 750ml High performance cleaner
    Water based, biodegradeable multi-surface cleaner. Presented in a convenient to use trigger spray. Ideal for use in industrial, aerospace, engineering and commercial cleaning/degreasing applications.
  • AMBERSOLV Water Based Micro Emulsion Cleaner 5 Ltr
    Formulated from a blend of citrus oils and surfactants. An ideal alternative to traditional solvents and highly alkaline cleaners. Suitable for use in Aerospace and general industrial applications.
  • AQUASAFE RTU biodegradeable degreaser 750ml
    Water based detergent cleaner (750ml) that exhibits high solvency power. An ideal alternative to traditional solvents, suitable for use in industrial, automotive, engineering, transport, aviation, marine and electronics.