Ebara Optima Series

Submersible electric pumps for clean water with hydraulics in AISI 304 stainless steel.

• Draining wells, garages, cellars or places subject to flooding
• Irrigation of gardens and vegetable patches
• Movement of seepage water or draining of unfoul waste water

• Equipped with mechanical seal as per standard
• Reliable and corrosion proof
• Highly versatile
• They can be used in fixed or mobile installations
• Equipped with 5 m of H05 RN-F power supply cable for indoor use
(10 m for outdoor use), with or without float

• Maximum immersion for pumps with 5m cable: 2m
• Maximum immersion for pumps with 10m cable: 5m
• Maximum temperature of the liquid: 50°C
• Max. solids size for passage: 10 mm
• Discharge withnection G1¼
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