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The classical wrapped  V-belt is a temperature and oil resistant universal drive belt that has antistatic properties with good power transmission capabilities. It is suitable for both industrial machinery and agricultural equipment.Construction and Features
The tensile member consists of a specially treated high strength polyester cord to transmit tensile forces and withstand shock loads. The fabric jacket provides grip and protection against external agents and resistance to abrasion.
The belt compound converts tensile forces on the sidewalls into longitudinal forces in the tensile member.

Conform to 1S04184, D1N2215 and BS3790, they meet 1S01813 for static conductivity and have an operating temperature range of -30°C - +60°C.
 Belts Sections Chart - V BeltsSECTIONTOP WIDTHDEPTHZ106A138B1711C2214D3219USEFUL FORMULAE -
The belt length can be calculated if the following information is obtained from the machine/customer
C = Pulley Centre Distances       D = PCD of Large Pulley    d = PCD of Small Pulley
Belt Length Calculation
L = 1.57 (D + d) + 2C