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Safety Lock-outs

Lockout/Tagout procedures are an essential part of maintenance. Not only do they ensure machinery and energy sources are locked down and can't be operated, but adherence to correct lockout/tagout procedures ensures the safety - and lives - of those working with various different types of equipment are protected.By using a lockout/tagout procedure, you ensure that any machinery that is to be used is properly shut off, and will not be operated until it is safe to do so. Unfortunately there are countless accidents reported every single year when lockout procedures aren't used, so it really is extremely important to ensure that machinery currently undergoing maintenance is clearly locked-off and will not be operated at any point.An example of an effective lockout procedure is to fully isolate an energy source by:  Identifying the energy source  Isolating the energy source  Locking and tagging the energy source  Proving that the equipment isolation is effectiveThis procedure is carried out ahead of maintenance work, and is usually completed by engineers (often more than one) clipping their own unique padlocks to a clearly secured lockout. These locks should not be removed until the work is completed, and each engineer has signed off that work is completed.