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Flood Prevention Systems

WE HAVE 1ST HAND EXPERIENCE OF THE DESTRUCTION AND INCONVENIENCE THAT FLOODING CAUSES, not to mention the costs involved in replacing your possesions and the hassle it causes. During the floods in 2007 Sheffield was devastated by the floods in our local are of the Don Valley, affecting many of our local customers and us. We have put this experience behind us and are using the knowledge we gained to develop flood defence systems to prevent this happening and keeping us prepared for any future problems.

We have pumping systems for cellars in 240v, 110v and 415v and also have Petrol and Diesel driven versions for when the power is unavailable. These pumps can be supplied with hoses and fittings to get rid of the water and sludge.

We also have high water level alarms to warn you of any pending problems and flood gates to keep out high level water levels from entering your property in the first instance.